== 'An Epic Minecraft Adventure' ==

Drobnovian Knights I is an epic Minecraft adventure with a quest driven storyline that has you battling to save the island nation of Drobnovia from Endergon a powerful dragon from an alternative realm.

An epic story with an MMO feel to the adventure, in excess of 100 quests to challenge the bravest of souls and custom armour, weapons, potions and items. This is the adventure map that sets the bar the highest its been for quite some time....

=== Introduction ===

Drobnovia is a nation under siege and you have answered the call to help. You start your journey at the docks of a foreign city called Freeport from where you set sail for Drobnovia. Upon arriving you start your adventure in the capital city, Drobnovia City and travel through lands of breath taking scenery, cities and towns as you earn the right to fight the dragon and save the people of Drobnovia.

In order to earn the right to be the one chosen to fight Endergon you will need to earn the approval of the High Council of Drobnovia. The main storyline quests revolve around you doing this and as you do so you will encounter in excess of 100 side quests.

=== Highlights ===

* Storyline Quests - consisting of 9 quests and epic final battle.

* Side Quests - in excess of 100 side quests that provide you with equipment, items and fame amongst the people of Drobnovia.

* Epic Scenery - custom made map with biomes of breath taking beauty.

* Amazing Cities & Towns - every building has been hand furnished by a team of dedicated builders.

* And a whole lot more!