== 'An Epic Minecraft Adventure' ==

The King of Shadows is an epic Minecraft adventure with a quest driven storyline that has you battling to save the continent of Faerun and stop the King of Shadows. Set in the lands of Faerun it has you battling the odds to stop the King of Shadows and his undead armies from conquering the lands of Faerun and beyond.

An epic story with an MMO feel to the adventure, in excess of 250 quests to challenge the bravest of souls and custom armour, weapons, potions and items. This is the adventure map that raises the bar that adventure maps should be judged by even further....

=== Introduction ===

King Azoun IV has rewarded you for recovering the Golden Chalice of Kurast and in turn saving the life of his daughter with a castle and lands in the north east of Faerun known as Winterkeep. Upon arriving at your new home you are met by an emissary sent by Open Lord: Piergeiron the Paladinson who informs you that the High Lords of Waterdeep need your help to defeat the King of Shadows and save Faerun.

In order to defeat the King of Shadows and save Faerun you will need to persuade the many different regions of Faerun to join together and fight under the one banner. The main storyline quests revolve around you doing this and culminate in you entering the fortress of The King of Shadows to find and defeat him. As you do this you will encounter in excess of 250 side quests.

=== Highlights ===

* Storyline Quests - consists of 47 quests and epic boss battles.

* Side Quests - in excess of 200 side quests that provide you with equipment, items and fame amongst the people of Faerun.

* Epic Scenery - custom made map with biomes of breath taking beauty.

* Amazing Cities & Towns - every building has been hand furnished by a team of dedicated builders.

* And a whole lot more!